Dr. Shaun P. Kennedy, ND

Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Kennedy is a naturopathic physician with extensive training in classical homoeopathic medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle medicine. He is a graduate of the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona where he currently serves as an adjunct faculty member along with running his private practice. He recently joined the team here at Revitalize and is excited to help you begin your journey toward health.


Homeopathic medicine (homeopathy) is a safe and effective therapeutic modality that utilizes the body’s innate healing capacity in the treatment of acute and chronic illness. The homoeopathic intake process involves a detailed evaluation of your specific symptoms followed by an individualized homeopathic prescription. During the case-taking process additional lifestyle and dietary factors will be considered and addressed as necessary.

Why Homeopathic Treatment?

My experience with homoeopathic medicine is that I simply have not found a treatment comparable in its efficacy or safety in the treatment of chronic or acute illness. Period. When the correct homoeopathic prescription is given my expectation is prompt resolution of acute illness or steady improvement of chronic illness with cure as the ultimate objective. It is often the answer when other therapies have exhausted their benefit or when the body simply isn’t responding to other available treatments (or is too sensitive to other options).

Dr. Shaun Kennedy’s Specialties

Homeopathy is Dr. Kennedy’s passion and specialty. His intention is helping people learn the importance of prevention through diet and nutrition.

So, what exactly is homeopathy?

Why should we choose to use homeopathy? Do my symptoms really call for homeopathic treatment? The benefits of choosing homeopathy are illustrated by our very own, Shaun P. Kennedy, ND.

Revitalize Weight Loss and Detoxification Program

Shaun P. Kennedy, ND discusses the nature and benefits of this unique detox.

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