Happy Thanksgiving from Revitalize!

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time to reflect on life with family and friends. It is a holiday that reiterates the meaningfulness of spending quality time with loved ones. As we approach this wonderful holiday, we’d love to give our patients and followers a recap and update on our center.

What Have We Been Up To?

If you haven’t been in touch with us for a few months, there is a lot to catch you up on! As of October, we have officially rebranded our office from Center for Natural Healing to Revitalize Functional Medicine. There have been some big changes that have taken place and we figured this was a perfect opportunity for a fresh start! We are still at the same location. In fact, we are going through a small remodel as well. We are making some minor adjustments such as different flooring and interior design.

So, We JUST Changed Our Name?

With our rebranding, we are welcoming in new physicians and modalities as well. Recently, we have welcomed Dr. Kenneth B. Mitchell and Dr. Shaun P. Kennedy to our office. We are extremely grateful to greet these two remarkable individuals. Additionally, we’d like to welcome back Dr. Andrea Minesaki who is officially back from her maternity leave! With the addition of these three outstanding physicians, we are looking to make Revitalize Functional Medicine a one-stop-shop for all of your healthcare needs. If you’d like information about these physicians, visit our Staff & Physicians page.

Alongside the welcoming of these highly valued physicians, we are also expanding our list of modalities. Our Lab Director, Kasandra Bujold, is a certified O-Shot provider. The O-Shot Procedure has become a very popular treatment and for good reasons! For men, we offer the P-Shot which yields outstanding results as well. PRP Rejuvenation is BOOMING right now and we are very proud to offer these services at Revitalize!

What’s to Come?

With all of these moving parts, we have delayed our podcast series to start in December. We are extremely excited for this podcast series because it will offer another outlet for our patients and followers to keep up with our most recent news and updates!

Dr. Ramsey’s second book is currently in its second (of three) edit so we are looking forward to the publishing some time in 2020. Once we have a date set for the launch of this book, we will share that with you all.

We had a very successful Relaunch Open House in October which celebrated all of the information that was stated previously. It was a wonderful networking event for physicians and patients both! We had vendors, food and drink for those who attended. If you couldn’t make our Relaunch Open House, don’t worry! We are planning on having quarterly networking events similar to the one we held in October. These events are great for EVERYBODY to promote their business as well as being around like-minded people who promote positivity.

Once more, we’d like to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving! As we approach the holiday season, make sure to stay on top of your health and happiness. Don’t fall into the stress of what the holidays can be. Rather, enjoy this time with family and friends! We look forward to seeing you at Revitalize Functional Medicine!

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