Practicing self compassion is important. We often show our appreciation for someone special to us.  However, don’t forget you are someone special too.  Therefore, love yourself first.

We have an inner critic.  Even more, we have an inner nurturer. Therefore, our inner critic is important, it keeps us in check and helps us to recognize where we might have gone wrong or how we could approach something differently. Whereas our inner nurturer encourages us and teaches us self-compassion.
Often our inner critic gets out of control with harsh judgements or shaming. It starts to diminish our needs and our accomplishments and puts doubts in our mind. But it’ all about balance, recognizing and bringing awareness to our critic and shifting our thoughts to our inner nurturer for self-compassion.

So what exactly is self-compassion? It’s our ability to be accepting,  It’s treating ourselves with the same kindness, support and respect you’d show to a close friend or loved one. Its responding to ourselves in difficult situations.  It is showing kindness rather than judement. Self-compassion is about mindfulness.  It is about approaching ourselves with a non-judgmental attitude.  Even more, it is about treating ourselves kindly.  It is about understanding that we all make mistakes, we are all perfectly imperfect.

So how do we practice self-compassion?


  • Be in the moment.  Recognize your inner self-critic
  • Observe your inner thoughts but don’t allow them to take over
  • Accept who you are, and learn to love yourself.  Even more, accept yourself.


  • Embrace any feelings you are experiencing.  Furthermore, embrace your emotions.
  • Be aware of any emotional pain.  Be aware of your distress.
  • Understand this is a natural part of life.  Understand yourself.


  • Be kind to yourself in these moments
  • Be a good friend to yourself
  • Give yourself the compassion you need

Practicing self compassion should be part of an overall wellness plan.

What are the benefits? Even more, what are the keys?

Practicing self compassion is strongly related to mental well-being. Furthermore, studies have shown that practicing self-compassion can result in:

  • Decrease your anxiety.  Limit your depression.  Release your stress.
  • Strive to have higher motivation.  Reach to be the best that you can be.  Furthermore, do not settle for less.  You are important.  Even more, you must come first in your own life.  Strive to be a better you!
  • Work to have higher life satisfaction.  Try hard to have more pride in yourself.  Be the best that you can be.  Be the person you want to be.  Above all, do not give up, and do not settle for less.  In turn, you will be happier.  Your friends will enjoy you more.  Even more, your loved ones will notice a difference.
  • Try to make healthier lifestyle choices.  Hence, eat healthier.  Get more sleep.  Furthermore, exercise daily.  Try to work less and stress less.  This type of healthy lifestyle has many rewards.  You deserve it.  Be happy with yourself.  As a result, loving yourself makes it easier to love others.
  • Strive to improve your friendships.  Make connections with other people.  Try to make new relationships.
  • Give a stable sense of self-worth